maria neumann

These days, the picture is the opposite. In many educational In many educational institutions, the walls are now completely "bare". information. That is, no compromise has been found, no sense of proportion in this regard. Information in the school, of course, must be there. In the main and a school-wide bulletin board (information about school parties, school-wide sports events, the work of sports clubs, art studios, information from city and district cultural institutions, travel and tour agencies, etc.) should be posted in the main hall. Here one may also find The school timetable for classes and extracurricular activities can also be available here. The largest school recesses should have information about buy dissertations and a changeable display of students' creative works, the school newspaper, the honor board, information about the history of the school, its outstanding teachers and alumni, documents of the school's creative collaborations with other institutions, and a showcase of awards received by students in various creative competitions and sporting events. There should also be school-wide stands for changing expositions such as "Mathematics Week", "Literature Week". The side wall (against the windows) is also very informative. On The side wall (against the windows) is also very informative. The side wall (against the windows) also provides plenty of information. The side wall of the classroom (against the windows) can display blocks of information about subject areas and, in the absence of a class system (classrooms are assigned to a class), a class wall newspaper, "Birthday Party", etc. The back wall of the classroom is inconvenient for perception, Therefore cabinets with didactic materials and technical teaching aids are usually placed along it. The wall with window openings should not be used for any for any purpose, because against the light any information about research paper for sale is poorly and the partitions between the windows are often filled with curtains (especially with mechanical awnings). partitions between windows are often filled with curtains (especially with mechanical curtains). The principles of information placement described above are simple, logically justified and in many respects contribute to the formation of respect for the school, satisfy the cognitive interest of students, educate aesthetic taste. In conclusion, it should be emphasized that in the stairwells and narrow corridors on the walls should not place any information on the walls (so as not to hinder the movement of students), and in the classrooms and at the entrance to the gym Safety and health signs should be posted in the workshop areas and at the entrance to the gymnasium health and safety. RELATED RESOURCES: HUMANISTIC (PHENOMENOLOGICAL) PARADIGM What Western scholars think about school What an educational system does interacon - the basis for building an educaonal environment