Nazma Hasan

Shillong Teer a similar to Khanapara Game played in Shillong Teer Resulta. Lots of pro archer comes to shoot the target. On basis of the target, Teer results numbers are calculated in two rounds First & Second. There is a gap of two 1 hours between the rounds. In this gap, you can again invest money for the second round to earn handsome money!

If you want to play Dhankesari Lottery, Bhutan Lottery, Khanapara Teer Game, Shillong Teer Game you need to take tickets from your nearest bookie. You need to invest pocket money say 1-2 rupees only. In lieu of 1 rupee, you will get up to 70 rupees. Just imagine if you invest 1000 rupees in a day Assam News, you can win 70,000 rupees in a single shot! Before taking numbers you must go through the Teer Dream numbers or Teer Common Numer so that you can easily crack the Lottery Sambad games!