Space Exploration

Ersilia Vaudo Scarpetta

Head of Policy Office - Strategy Department, at European Space Agency - ESA I am a scientist by background, a passionate astrophysicist, fortunate to live and work in an environment permeated by discovery and a fearlessness to dare. A distinctive feature of my curriculum is the intense experience I gained in a variety of intersecting fields: elaboration of high-level strategy, elaboration and implementation of policies, international relations and cooperation with NASA (4 years at the ESA Washington Office), strategic analysis, relations with member States, network with Think Tanks, financial management. My experience also includes programmatic endeavors as I contributed to the formulation at its onset of the ESA Exploration programme, followed the elaboration of the EuroMoon mission and I was the Executive Secretary of the Science and Technology Advisory Group on Exploration in charge of selecting experiments for exploration missions, including ExoMars. Throughout my career I have been consistently recognised for my ability to think out of the box, find creative solutions, bring people to work together and apply solid analytical skills. The variety of my experiences show, I believe, my versatility, the keenness to take up on new challenges, respect from colleagues and innate curiosity. I have been a member of the directors of USA Women in Aerospace. Currently I am a member of the Standard Ethics Rating Committee I've also worked as a scientific journalist for many years and still occasionally write on science.