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Marc Alves

I'm a French-Portuguese national with a passion for all things English. I joined Worldcrunch after obtaining my Master’s degree in bilingual journalism at La Sorbonne Nouvelle. I also enjoy reading, cooking, watching football and I'm a classic rock zealot.


China's 'Apple City' - Assembling iPhones In The Urban Shadows - Worldcrunch

ZHENGZHOU — “Apple City,” where the ...

Man-Machine? Inside The Growing "Human Chipping" Movement - Worldcrunch

COPENHAGEN — Anders Hoeg Nissen sits in a black medical chair in the backroom of a Copenhagen piercing studio. He puts his left hand...

Brave New World: Inside India's First Bonafide Baby Factory - Worldcrunch

ANAND — Maanasi is ready. The 34-year-old is lying on the examination table, her feet in stirrups, waiting for Dr. Patel to arrive. T...

Brazil’s Spiral Of Bloodshed, A One-Day Homicide Record  - Worldcrunch

Among the world's many gloomy corners, it is hard to get any gloomier than Brazil. After a drug war broke out among several criminal gr...

Excalibur To Australian Open, An Ode To The Knights Of Tennis - Worldcrunch

MELBOURNE — New year, new perspective. As usual, the year in sports begins with the Australian Open, which isn't just a competition b...

After World Cup, Brazil Returns To Normal - What A Shame! - Worldcrunch

-OpEd- BRASILIA — The World Cup is over, and with it our dream of being World Champions for a sixth time is deferred again......

A Christmas Wish For Europe: Time To Defend Our Civilization  - Worldcrunch

-OpEd- PARIS — There was something atrocious and yet, at the same time, terribly ordinary about the scene. A few days before Chris...

NGOs May Be Endangering The Very Migrants They Seek To Rescue - Worldcrunch

-Analysis- More than 4,500 people lost their lives off the Libyan coast last year. And yet, there have never been so many vessels ca...

Perils And Convenience Of A Microchip Implant In Your Hand - Worldcrunch

Big Brother, if and when he arrives, will start out looking small. Take that mundane office badge or key card you use to pass securi...

Year Of Mud, The Heavy Toll Of Brazil’s Worst Ever Ecological Disaster - Worldcrunch

BARRA LONGA — The rupture of a mining dam in Mariana on Nov. 5, 2015, was only the starting point of the worst ecological disast...

Euro Crisis Redux: Greek Austerity And Collective Depression - Worldcrunch

ELEFSINA — Greece must repay 7 billion euros of debt by July. But, as has been the case since 2011, the country will not be able to h...

My Mosul Neighbor, When A French ISIS Member Moves In - Worldcrunch

MOSUL — Ziyad loaded his wife and three children in the big German sedan that used to serve as his taxi between Baghdad and Mosul. Th...

Zuckerberg’s Megalomania, A Big Brother Of Good Intentions - Worldcrunch

-OpEd- SAO PAULO — I've just finished reading the manifesto Mark Zuckerberg wrote on the future of humanity. I laughed my way thro...

100 Years After Lenin, There’s Still No Such Thing As Free Money - Worldcrunch

-OpEd- It's hard to say no to the prospect of free money. Imagine: Regardless of your activity (or lack thereof), you get your share...

True Fiction: When President Trump Met President Le Pen - Worldcrunch

After the stunning Brexit referendum and Donald Trump's election in the United States, all eyes now shift to the land of "liberté, ég...

True Fiction: When President Trump Meets President Macron - Worldcrunch

The cards for this spring's French presidential election have been drastically reshuffled this past week. Favored since November to win...